A brief guide to UKUAT

Image credit: Jack Wisehall



To mobilise & benefit the UK Urban AgriTech Community.


To utilise Urban Agritech as a tool to achieve greater sustainability & resilience in the UK food system. Expanding the horizons of Urban Agritech to better inform communities across the UK.

Key Activity Areas

Policy & Advocacy​

UKUAT will encourage, enable and facilitate the creation of policy frameworks which meet the needs of urban agritech industry and projects. In so doing, it will give the industry a voice in wider governmental agricultural policy.

Education & Outreach

UKUAT will provide an education platform for running meaningful outreach projects, by creating, leading and delivering education sessions that inform and inspire the next generation of farmers, agriculturalists and consumers. Each member takes responsibility for being a pioneer in the Urb Ag movement and a (thought) leader in their field.

Research & Development

UKUAT will act as an informational exchange hub. Through the appropriate sharing of prior research, and collaboration on research projects, UKUAT will build a repository of knowledge, for the benefit of both existing and new entrants to the industry.

Publicity & Promotion

UKUAT will act as a platform for companies to increase their individual personal reach and to improve the image of the industry. Such a well-connected (locally and globally) body will enable both small voices and big voices to be given equal exposure/footing on the platform.

Shared Resources & Knowledge

UKUAT will act as a platform for sharing knowledge and resources between members. This will speed up research, reduce replication of work, add peer review principles to commercial research and ultimately improve legitimacy of the industry.

Funding & Consortia

UKUAT will inform members about future funding opportunities, advise on funding routes and enable joint bids to be submitted to increase their chances of success. Members will also inform one another of developments. 

Events & Industry News

UKUAT will establish a presence at key industry events and provide relevant industry news about (and to) its members.


Two-Tier membership fee:

Individuals - FREE

All other companies and organisations - £60 per year

All UK organisations working in Urban Agritech welcome.

All members must be willing to engage with at least one Key Activity Area on an ongoing basis.

Online calls held monthly.

In-person meetings twice per year (locations TBD).

NB: all of the above membership conditions are decided by members, and so may change over time.